Link Loan
Link Loan

The Link Loan revolving fund started in January 2000 for people without dependent children. The criteria is exactly the same as Family Loan with one exception. The applicant does not need one or more dependent children.


Link Loans are for working people. An applicant may be a non-custodial parent, a displaced homemaker, a single person with special needs or someone who seeks reliable transportation to work but does not meet the guidelines of the Family Loan or Transportation Loan.


To be eligible for a Link Loan you:

  • Must be employed three months or longer or have completed at least one semester of school/training in accredited program
  • Meet income guidelines of 185% of federal income guidelines
  • Must be a resident of Crow Wing, Morrison or Todd County
  • Must be unable to obtain a car loan through other lenders
  • Must have a valid Minnesota Driver's License
  • Must be able to make loan payments and maintain car based on household budget
  • Must be able to obtain/afford automobile insurance
  • If disabled, must have earned income of some sort