Transportation/Auto Loans
Transportation/Auto Loans

Driving the road to self-sufficiency for most Central Minnesotans requires a safe, reliable car. Low-income families needing transportation to employment or education may qualify for one of three TCC car loan programs: Family Loan, Transloan and Linkloan.


If car ownership isn't a possibility for you, click on Transportation and view other transportation options available in Crow Wing, Morrison and Todd County.


Loans can be used for purchase or repair. Loans for purchase are limited to $3000; loans for repair are capped at $1000. Designed by the McKnight Foundation and administered by TCC, these revolving loan pools are self-sustaining. When customers repay principal and interest, the fund is replenished for future borrowers.


The purpose of car loans is…
To maintain employment
To establish a credit history
To foster an individual or family's self-sufficiency


To be eligible for a car loan you:

  • Must be a resident of Crow Wing, Morrison or Todd County
  • Must be income eligible and unable to obtain a car loan through other lenders
  • Must have a valid Minnesota Driver's License
  • Must be able to make loan payments and maintain car based on household budget
  • Must be able to obtain/afford automobile insurance


For car repair loans you:

  • Must own the vehicle that requires repair


For car purchase loans your vehicle:

  • Must pass a mechanical inspection
  • Must be a "good value" under $3000 (including necessary repairs)


Please keep in mind, these loan programs do NOT finance:

  • Repairs or purchase less than $100
  • Vehicle tabs
  • Vehicle insurance
  • License reinstatement or renewal

Debt consolidation
(Each program is unique - Check to see which loan program fits your self-sufficiency plan)