Rehabilitation Loan Program

Rehabilitation Loan Program is an investment in your home.


Take a look at these "before and after" pictures that describe how one family used the Rehabilitation Loan Program. TCC has worked with 28 homeowners in this loan program.

Rehablitiation Loan ProgramRehabilitation Loan Program

The Rehabilitation Loan Program is funded by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA). These loans enable local contractors and building supply centers to perform essential repairs on homes. The goal is to maintain sound housing stock before it becomes run-down or too expensive to repair.


Qualified loan applicants must choose the contractors, let out bids and monitor daily progress of work.


Benefits are:

  • Provides basic and necessary home improvements
  • Makes your home safe and more livable
  • Increases your property's code compliance
  • Installs accessibility improvements for disabled persons


To be eligible:

  • You must own property
  • Have assets less than $25,000
  • Have an annual adjusted gross income of $18,000 or less ($10,000 for non-repayment loans)
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