Minnesota Power: In-Home Energy Audit
Minnesota Power: In-Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Analysis’s help determine how you use energy and what you can do to get the most out of your energy dollar with a customized action plan that’s right for your home.


A representative of Minnesota Power will visit your home and analyze how you use electricity, determine your electric energy use per appliance and recommend efficiency improvements. You'll learn how to optimize your electric usage by changing the way you use appliances.


We recommend you complete the Your Home Energy Report questionnaire before the In-Home Energy Analysis. It will help you and the energy auditor create a personalized action plan for saving energy and controlling costs in your home.



  1. All participants receive a free copy of our Road Map to Energy Efficiency booklet. It is packed full of practical information on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home, from water heating to air sealing.
  2. Participants who have electric water heaters will receive and have installed materials that save both water and energy, such as water-saving showerheads, faucet aerators, pipe wrap and water heater blankets.
  3. All-electric space heat customers may qualify for our home seal-up program. This includes a blower door analysis to help locate energy-wasting, draft-producing leaks. A participating contractor will help caulk and weather-strip to seal major leaks. This service is provided at no cost to Minnesota Power all-electric customers, up to a maximum of $200.
  4. Low-income customers may qualify for replacement of electric water heaters and refrigerators at little or no cost.
  5. All participants receive up to three energy-efficient light bulbs and a customized Demonstrating the Power of One® kit, full of applicable rebates that are right for your home.
  6. Free Your Home Energy Report (YHER).



  1. Participants must be Minnesota Power customers served on a retail basis.
  2. All-electric space heating customers are defined as residents of either single-family homes or two- to four-unit dwellings with electricity as the primary heating system.
  3. A participating Community Action Agency will verify a customer’s low-income status and will also determine eligibility for water heater or refrigerator replacement.
  4. Participants must be responsible for their own electric bills. This program will continue as long as funds are available.


How to participate
Visit the Power of One® Portal to request an In-Home Energy Analysis online or call Minnesota Power toll free at 1-800-228-4966 (Minnesota only), extension 2052.


Please have your account number ready (available on your Minnesota Power electric bill). Customers interested in Energy Partners' low-income services should call their local Community Action Agency.


Online Home Energy Analysis
The choice to be more energy efficient may be clear, but the starting point can be more difficult to determine. One of the best ways to answer the question "Where do I begin?" is by first understanding how you use energy and then learning more about the options available to you. Minnesota Power provides a number of tools, references, and calculators to help you prioritize steps and develop and implement an action plan that's right for you.


Home Performance Assessment (fee-for-service program)
Building Diagnostics: (Blower Door testing and Infrared Thermal scans)
Having your house “diagnosed” by a building performance specialist will tell you critical facts about your home's performance, facts you should know before you invest in any major home improvement projects. Visit the MN Office of Energy Security's Web site for more information on House Diagnostics.


The cost of building diagnostic services varies with the degree of analysis, the level of expertise, the size of the home and travel distance. It is advisable to shop around for a service provider as you would shop for other products and services.


Visit www.mnpower.com for a list of independent contractors who provide a variety of diagnostic services around the area.