Meet TCC: About Us

Local decision-making is the principle, which dictates the structure of the TCC Board of Directors and advisory committees. A unique coalition of local people initiates policy and ensures responsiveness of TCC's services to the needs of the citizens of Crow Wing, Morrison and Todd counties. One-third of the eighteen member TCC Board of Directors is composed of county commissioners. An additional one-third are democratically elected community representatives, and the remaining one-third represent a variety of community groups. Programs operated by TCC are planned and evaluated by community based advisory committees to the board.


Board of Directors:


Pam Bellamy, Low-Income Sector, Western Morrison County

Deb Bialke, Low-Income Sector, Eastern Morrison County

Jean Weis-Clough, Private Sector, Morrison County

Rodney Erickson, Public Sector, Todd County

Samanatha Hayes, Low-Income Sector, Northern Todd County

Mary Jo Hofer, Private Sector, Todd County

David Kircher, Public Sector, Todd County

Grace Leyk, Low-Income Sector, Northern Crow Wing County

Cristina Manthie, Low-Income Sector, Southern Todd County

Jennifer Perez, Low-Income Sector, Southern Crow Wing County

Stan Wielinski, Low-Income Sector, Western Morrison County

Mike Wilson, Public Sector, Morrison County

Randy Winscher, Public Sector, Morrison County

Ted Pfhol, Private Sector - Financial Expert

Richard Curott, Private Sector - Legal Expert

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